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Permanent makeup can be for anyone! Wear Contacts? Re-apply makeup often? Sparse eyebrows from over plucking?
Mona Lisa's Permanent Makeup offers a variety of permanent makeup and re-pigmentation services including eyeliner, lip liner, full lip color, and more. Imagine getting ready for work in the morning and not having to spend time applying makeup! Or never having to worry that your makeup is smudged. Why concern yourself with that when you can always look your best with Mona Lisa's Permanent Makeup? At Mona Lisa, we can make it happen for you!

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Mona's Makeup now BBB memberMona Lisa's Permanent Makeup & Training Center, LLC. BBB Business Review

Mona Lisa wants to welcome Marilyn Monroe to the staff!

Mona Lisa's Welcomes: Donna, Judy and Kim to our team!

Models needed for paramedical advanced classes.

Mona Lisa now accepting clients in the Montgomery location!
The Senior Star - 5435 Kenwood Road.

Mona Lisa upgrades machines again, keeping up with all the latest technology and equipment.

New pigments - now fix gray and orange brows.

$2,600 + 5 days = Certificate that allows you to enjoy your new and exciting career.

Dry Needling now available at Mona Lisa's! An amazing procedure for wrinkle reduction.

Designer eyeliner gains popularity. Get the look Here!

Mona Lisa's Now Hiring Learn with the best.

Apprenticeship program is now available at Mona Lisa's Permanent Makeup and Training Center!

One on One Training- Perfect for tattooists and permanent makeup technicians- My location or yours